Zigzag Modular Shield

The Zigzag Modular Shield tm  has multiple attached serial partitions, which can be adjusted on their hinges, for rectangular table surfaces. This product can be made with panels of different sizes to fit nonstandard or different sized tables. The Zigzag Shield is foldable making for easy transport and  storage.

Arranging the unit into different shapes may be accomplished by simply adjusting the panels and / or adding additional modular units. This model is quite effective for schools and some restaurant counter areas.

For example: Below are three different views of the same two units of the Zigzag Modular Shield.  They are shown positioned into different configurations. In Fig A the two modules are shown next to each other. In Fig B the two modules are shown separated.

Figure A

Figure B

 In Fig C The two modules are shown in a more pronounced zigzag position and are separated by an inch so that we can see how they might connect.

Figure C

                                            Zigzag Modular Shield    $ 325.00

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