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Omni Protection Shield

Omni Folded.jpg

Foldable for transport and storage

Omni 2 partitions.jpg

2 Sections

Omni  3 partitions.jpg

3 Sections

Omni 4 partitions.jpg

4 Sections

The Omni Panel tm  enables partitions, of adjustable size, for 2, 3, or 4 positions for round – or square -  table surfaces. The number of positions may be immediately adjusted in seconds by repositioning one or more of the panels.

The Omni Panel may be folded into a flat position, making  for  easy transport and storage.

Omni Panel-36 is designed for a 36 inch table. It features square panel sizes of 17.5 inches.  

Omni Panel-42 is designed for a 42 inch table. It features square panel sizes of 20.5 inches.  

                                                                           Triad Shield-36       $ 229.00

                                                                           Triad Shield-42.      $ 269.00

                                                                           Larger table sizes, contact us for a quote.

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