Triad Shield

The Triad Shield tm delivers three fixed partitions, of adjustable size, for round table surfaces.


Triad Shield-36 is designed for a 36 inch table. It features square panel sizes of 17.5 inches.


Triad Shield-42 is designed for a 42 inch table. It features square panel sizes of 20.5 inches.  

The Triad Shield may be folded into a flat position, making it  easy for transport and storage.

For larger table sizes, please let us know the desired panel height and the number of adjustable panels (on a 48 to 72 inch round table)

                                                                 Triad Shield-36       $ 229.00

                                                                 Triad Shield-42       $ 269.00

                                                                 Larger table sizes, contact us for a quote.

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