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Personal Protection Shield

Portable Protection Shield.jpg

Portable Protection Shield     $ 249.00

 Personal Protection Shield - Description

The Personal Protection Shield is an individual personal protection system which can be used by an individual at multiple locations. This system has the advantages that it is easy to set up, is lightweight, easy to use, may be easily moved from site to site, and is easy to carry. 

It provides a novel and advantageous sneeze guard protection having a highly portable design, easy to adjust side clear panels for protection, high visibility and stability and a clear sneeze guard back panel for protection and visibility.

The design also allows for a series of these units to be deployed aesthetically in a work or organizational environment.


 Personal Protection Shield - Features

The Personal Protection Piece has all the reasonable features to make it effective and convenient to use: Specifically this device is:

  • Portable , lightweight

  • Easy to set up with folding panels

  • Easy to fold up for carrying, travel or storage

  • Protected by polished edges for user safety

  • Fabricated with a built in carrying handle

  • Made from clear shatterproof acrylic

  • Equipped with a convenient slot for passage

Personal Protection Shield– Specifications


 Overall Dimensions *

  • Width 22 inches

  • Height 18 inches

  • Depth 10 inches



  • 3/16 Acrylic – 4.9  pounds


  Other Features

  • Shatter-proof, non-yellowing Acrylic

  • 4 inch embedded handle

  • Convenience Slot  3 x 17 inches

  • Rounded edges


 * Custom Sizes available for those 

     with special height or other 


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